Frequently Asked Questions



We are always looking at ways to help our customers be as fully prepared as possible and help reduce the stress that moving can cause when it comes to packing and every aspect of your move leading up to your actual moving date.

For us there is no such thing as a silly question and here are some of the more common questions we get asked when it comes to moving home along with some useful tips and guidance from our dedicated and experienced team.


What do we do with the contents of our drawers?

There a few options when it comes to drawers. If the drawers detach from the unit then it is ok to leave the contents in because we can take them out individually and rebuild when in the van and do the same at your new address. Should the drawers not detach from the unit then they will need to be packed. Equally if the drawers detach and you are feeling kind to the team then we always appreciate the contents being packed away in boxes prior to the move. 

Do we need to dismantle wardrobes and furniture that were built inside the room prior to our move?

 If they were built inside the room then they will have to be dismantled in order to get them out of the property. This will also ensure that no damage will be caused to the item or that of the interior walls, fixture or fittings.

Do you dismantle and reassemble furniture? 

We can provide this service for you with any furniture that you require to be dismantled and reassembled. Please ask for this to be quoted for as an additional option when one of our surveyors comes to meet you. This can however be added to your quote any time leading up to your move.

Do you disconnect and reconnect Dishwashers and Washing Machines? 

Because we are not qualified plumbers and this is not covered as part of the insurance any white goods will have to be disconnected prior to our arrival or just before they are loaded into the van. The same applies when we unload at your new address when reconnecting the white goods.


There are items in my loft that need moving, are you able to access the loft on the day for me?

Due to Health and Safety this is not covered on our insurance and therefore we are unable to enter the loft ourselves unless any team member wishes to do so but at their own risk and also with the acknowledgement from yourselves that if any damage is caused (i.e. a foot through the ceiling) we are not liable.

We are however more than happy to be passed the items down by yourself in order to move these for you. 


How will you handle our fragile items?

With any fragile item e.g. (Mirrors and Canvasses) we will always take extra care when handling these. We always add extra layers of protective blankets around them, they are then strapped securely to the side of the van to ensure there is no damage either in transit or when we come to unload your items.

Should you have any fragile boxes please remember to clearly label these as fragile or seal the box with fragile tape so that we are able to see that these boxes need extra care and attention. They will then be placed on top so that they too are well protected when in transit and when we come to unload your items.

What about my TV?

We understand that nowadays the TV is a lot of peoples pride possession that is why as with any fragile item extra layers of protection are given to ensure safety in transit and when unloading. We will also strap this to the side of the van using your mattress as this acts as a protective barrier. Should there not be a mattress it is still strapped to the side of the van ensuring that no other item in the van can fall on top of it. 

How do you prefer our books to be packed?

If you are packing books we suggest using double strength small to medium sized boxes, this will ensure that the books will not break through the box due to, too much weight it also means that the boxes are also easier to carry and stack. 

Another useful tip would be to fill the medium boxes half with books and the other half with softer furnishings so that you are maximising the height of each box without making them too heavy to lift and move. 



Loose Items from the home, garage and shed

Whilst we appreciate that not every item can be boxed should you have any loose items where possible especially in the garage or shed we recommend that these also be placed into boxes. This will not only save space in the van because loose items are very hard to stack, it will also save time because there will be less trips to and from the shed or garage and by having as many loose items boxed as possible it will also reduce the risk of any sharp objects causing damage to other items in the van. It is a win-win all round. 


Plugging in electrical appliances 

When we have moved you allow about an hour or two before plugging in the likes of your TV and PC so that it can reach room temperature before use. 

Also please allow a few hours after plugging in your Fridge Freezer to allow the gases to settle before reusing and restocking. It may make a little noise but that is perfectly normal.

We also recommend that the washing machine filter be removed and given a quick clean this is a simple and easy process and we can show you on the day where this is. A quick clean will help clear the residue that may have been mixed when we were moving it. 



Have you new carpet in your new home?

We always have carpet runners in our vans but should you require carpet protector let our team know when we are quoting for your move prior to your moving date. 


Additional Information

Should you think of any additional information e.g. (difficult access to the property, parking restrictions, lift not present or not in use) that maybe of use on the day of your move then please feel to let one of our surveyors know when they first visit or at any point leading up to the day of your move. 


If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team who will be more than happy to help. 

We look forward to moving you and hope that we are able to take the stress out of stressful for you.